Camera Flash Bracket


Camera Flash Bracket

The Best Camera Flash Bracket

A Camera Flash Bracket is an essential piece of equipment for any wildlife photographer who’s doing flash photography.

Why? Two reasons …

  1. When using flash it’s better not to mount the flashgun directly on the camera body because it’s too close to the focal plane of the camera and can cause problems with the eyes, known as eye-shine (red-eye, steel-eye, green-eye). A flash bracket allows you to position the flash higher above the camera body, or to the side.
  • Most wildlife subjects are lit by natural lighting that is usually from above or to the side. Hence flash will also look more natural if its from this position.

What to look for when buying one

There are four things to look for:

  1. It should raise the flash above the camera.
  2. It should allow you to take vertical shots as well as horizontal ones without moving the flash. If you have to move the flash then it will be too cumbersome to switch between landscape and portrait.
  • It should be quick and simple to use when out in the field otherwise you’ll never use it.
  • It should be sturdy and well built. Beware of cheap ones – they often don’t last long!

The Best Camera Flash Bracket

I highly recommend the Wimberley Flash System. It’s modular, allowing you to add modules to enhance what it does, very easy to use and very well built.

The downside is that it has a fairly high price, but it is extremely well built and will last a long time. Don’t be fooled into buying any of the really cheap brackets. They are generally poorly made, difficult to attach and cumbersome to use.

The Wimberley F1-Telephoto is an ideal choice. It consists of:

Module M-1 – Quick Release Arm.

This is the part that attaches to the Arca-Swiss QR plate on your camera body.

Module M-2 – Vertical Upright.

Raises the flash well above the lens.

Module M-3 – Tilt arm.

This is the part that the flash attaches to and allows the flash to be rotated.

If you want to use it for Macro Flash Photography then you can add Module 4 (Macro arm).

Don’t forget you will also need to buy a flash extension chord to allow the flashgun to be moved off your cameras hotshoe.

Further Reading

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