Have you ever been mesmerized by an online gallery of wildlife photography? Perhaps after clicking through a few images you’re inspired to go out and get your own shots. Then comes the disappointment as you realize that little or no information is forthcoming on how to photograph nature. Workshop trips are fun – I still go on them myself – but what about clear concise tips you can apply with your camera today?

 Piecing the puzzle

To learn wildlife photography I had to collect bits and pieces from everywhere. If I wanted to know about lenses I had to go to something like verylonglenses.com. Uncovering something in lightroom meant visiting learnlightroom.com. As for the wildlife stuff, it was a mix of gathering info from workshops with professional photographers, magazine articles and books.

This long process of piecing everything together got me thinking; wouldn’t it be great if all this stuff were gathered together in one place? So I got together with my friend and fellow photography and suggested we make this site. So here it is. If I used anything for nature photography its here, if I haven’t used it its absent.

  • Get close ups of butterflies, dragonflies and more.
  • Organize your photos into an easy system. Enhance them with cool editing effects
  • What’s in my kit bag? The best bang for your buck equipment
  • Improve your bird photography with top tips
  • Trips – from exotic sun lit bee eaters to mountain hares on snowy peaks I share my experiences on travels.
  • When your camera gets it wrong and how to correct it.

What’s your favorite?

My favorite time of the year is Autumn. Seeing the fall colors and hearing the roar of the red deer stag during the deer rut.

This is just one highlight in a year. You too can experience the thrill of seeing nature events that pass most people by. When you do you’ll know what to do with your camera.